MMHr Ep 68 Pt 1 Featuring – The Deep Roots Music Project

Deep Roots Music Project – St. Johns Poets Vol.3

Join us in Episode 68 Part 1 where hosts Jeremy Wilson and Sam Densmore bring you the 3rd Annual Deep Roots Music Project Special.

Bands featured in our special this year include:
Rasheeda Ameera, Kyle Lang Jessica Stiles, Keegan Smith & Tony Smiley, Bliss Junkies, Kim Viik.

music studioNow in its third year at Roosevelt High School, and over a decade and counting as an independent school music program, the Deep Roots Music Project added a new dimension this year. The North Portland School’s participating student lyricists, known as the St. Johns Poets, participated in a March 20-25 living history trip to Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia. There, they explored the history of our nation’s civil rights movement. (pictured: l to r Cody Palmer, Jermeisha Hampton, China Lundy recording this podcast at MastanMusic Studio.)

In preparation for a ten mile walk, titled “A Day In The Life Of Martin Luther King” the students studied the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 1960’s and also the political music that grew out of the events of the time. By reenacting King’s famous 1965 jaunt, the young writers came home with a sense of what it was like to march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, back in 1965, when black Americans were taking a stand for their right to vote.

Two of the traveling students have collaborated on a song, which will appear on The St. Johns Poetry Sessions, Volume III, about this historic event of change. The new Roosevelt Deep Roots CD will be released May 21st 2009. You can hear this amazing song “My Change My Gain” with lyrics by Aundre Lesure and U’Aundrick Nath-Clark in this episode of The MastanMusic Hour.

MastanMusic Studio and producer Jeremy Wilson also celebrate three years participation in this fine project. Five of the ten tracks for the new CD were recorded right here at MastanMusic Studio. We hope you will enjoy this in-depth SPECIAL FEATURE on this year’s Roosevelt High School Deep Roots Music Project class.

This week we are releasing the DJ segment – Part 1 of Ep 68. Join us two weeks from now when we will release Part 2, featuring Lotus Isle recorded and filmed live for The MastanMusic Hour – Club Showcase at Kelly’s Olympian in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Visit our MastanMusic YouTube Site to see our exclusive MastanMusic Hour Video Singles. This week Western Aerial performing “I’ve Got A Van” live for The MastanMusic Hour – Club Showcase filmed and recorded from Kelly’s Olympian night club in downtown Portland, Oregon.

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