Karaoke — What’s the Right Song for You?

Most people who try karaoke are normally happy just to ‘have a go,’ rather than try and make a decent fist of it. Although everyone loves a trier, and everyone receives applause whatever song they sing, the applause for someone who can actually ‘do a turn’ and sing almost pitch perfect and in tune is often longer and louder, and there’s also a great deal of satisfaction in coming off stage to appreciative applause.

The Key is in the Choice of Song

The choice of song is all important and often or not it’s not a favorite tune, but one the singer knows well and is an easy song to sing. Singing lessons and learning about breathing techniques and diction is indeed a manner in which to improve karaoke singing, but anyone who can hold a note without sounding croaky, are halfway to finding the right song.

It’s Best Not to Attempt Eminem of Whitney Houston

So what is that song? Well, far too often in karaoke bars, potential singers attempt the impossible such as Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All” or anything by Eminem. It is best to leave those sort of songs to the professionals and try something easy-peasy and often cheesy too.

Karaoke during a party can spice things upPractically anything by Abba is great for groups of three or four. The Swedish chart-toppers’ songs are easy to sing and always have catchy lyrics and a simple chorus. No wonder then that their Eurovision winning song from 1974 “Waterloo” was voted top karaoke song in the UK last year.

Men should have a look at the Beatles catalog, particularly the early and simple songs, or maybe an Elvis hit or something by Take That. For the girls, well Shania Twain has had some catchy hits, and there’s also Madonna’s early collection such as “Holiday,” “Papa Don’t Preach” and that instant classic “Like a Virgin”‘.

Practice Really Does Make Perfect

Getting to know the phrasing of a song and where to breathe are all important along with knowledge of the lyrics. The best karaoke singers know all of these things and don’t have to stare at the screen the whole time but can eyeball the audience. The top singers really can turn in a performance, and they enjoy the experience as much as the audience.

The Internet makes it so easy to practice with sites such as Lyrics.com not only displaying the words but in many cases providing video footage of the original artists singing them. This makes it simple to sing along and practice any song. With so much choice too there is something for everyone. Once the song is discovered many karaoke artists rarely stray from it. It has always been a case of steeling the nerves and getting out there and doing it. They say that everyone has a book in them, well everyone has a song too!

Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Perhaps one of the things you wouldn’t want your wedding to be is to turn it into a snooze-fest. Boring your guests with lame wedding program is a total no-no. Of course, you want your guests to remember your wedding day as one of the most fun and wackiest weddings they’ve been to. Thus, your wedding theme and program are very crucial in your preparations. You’ve got to choose the fun activities to entertain your guests carefully.

Fun party games at the receptionTo help make your wedding day a really fun and unforgettable one, we’ve come up with some ideas that are sure to amuse and delight everyone present in your wedding.

1. Play Fun Party Games

Come up with as many lists of games as you can. As much as possible, avoid gaps or idle times so your guests won’t feel bored. Make sure your emcee is lively enough and could really liven up the mood by initiating the games for guests to play. Games are a great way to entertain the people at the wedding, and even if it would take you a long time to finish retouching your makeup after the ceremony, the guests wouldn’t really notice that if you banked on fun games, they could all participate in. Games are also useful when there’s technical glitch, and it takes a long time to play the on-site video. Your emcee can cook up some games while waiting for the video to be played so there will be no dead air.

2. Hire a Wedding Band or Singer

Wedding band keeps your guests in a lively moodMusic has always been part of every event or party. Thus, it is important that your wedding should also have one. You can hire a disc jock to play some music. Better if there’s a music band who can actually sing and play live music to very well entertain your guests. You can even ask them to sing all the songs in your wedding playlist. You can visit Around Town Entertainment for New Jersey weddings. With a wedding band or singer entertaining your loved ones on your special day, it can make them feel that they didn’t only attend a wedding, but it’s like they’re also in a mini concert.

3. Walk Down Memory Lane

Even before the official ceremony starts, you can already delight your guests by allotting a space in your venue where you can hang your photos as a couple and display them like in an exhibit. It will help of you can make it more artistic and creative wherein you can display your couple photos since you started dating until you became a couple and you got engaged. It can really make your guests feel like they are actually in your “romantic exhibit” and they are walking with you down memory lane.

4. Have Some Kids’ Corner

Activities for kids keep them away from troubleNot unless you stated in your wedding invitation that kids are not allowed in your wedding, you have to expect that some guests will really bring their babies to the event. Plus, usually, there are also kids who are part of the entourage like the flower girls, Bible bearer, ring bearer and coin bearer. So to avoid having the children run around or throw tantrums, prepare a small corner for them where they can do some kiddie activities like coloring, play with blocks or even watch some kid-friendly videos. When the children are busy doing their own stuff, their parents can all the more enjoy the wedding party.

5. Prepare a Dessert Buffet

One of the things you should avoid in your wedding is to make your guests hungry. So, while waiting for the ceremony or the program to start, you can indulge them with some sweets on the dessert buffet. You can hire someone to decorate the dessert station creatively so guests will all the more appreciate it.

6.  Get a Mobile Bar

Mobile bar for wedding guestsWe understand that not all of your guests may fancy sweet stuff and desserts, so it would also help to have a mobile bar where you can have your guests order some cocktails or wine. It is also a good avenue for them to socialize with their fellow drinkers so even if the program takes too long to start, they wouldn’t mind it since they are enjoying their cocktails.

There are a lot of fun wedding activities you can use on your special day, but we wouldn’t want to make your wedding into a circus. Thus, we only pick the ones that can add fun and entertainment on your wedding but will not take the focus off the special event itself.