Benefits of Piano Lessons for Seniors

Music is something that anyone and everyone can enjoy, and aside from that, it is not just a simple form of entertainment, but music itself is an art and medicine for the soul and the body. Often, people would have the notion that it is a lot way better to learn to play the piano at an early age and that it is only fitting for their ages. In truth, music is beneficial for elders too. Nothing competitive comes out of it and only pure experience and joy.

playing an electronic keyboad has therapeutic effectsOne of the greatest benefits for seniors of learning to play the piano is its effect on their mental health. Research has shown that playing a musical instrument reduces stress and it has also been discovered by The Music Making and Wellness Project that elders who learned using the keyboard reportedly had a decrease in levels of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. This is such a big help already because these problems are widespread among seniors. Even those who have Alzheimer’s can have an improved memory because music stimulates lots of parts of the brain and there are affordable lessons in New York City, which could help them deter this debilitating condition. According to Nina Kraus and Samira Anderson (Music Training: An Antidote for Aging? Hearing Journal, Vol. 66, No. 3, March 2013), there was an evident improvement among elders in processing speed and memory when they started having a 30-minute lesson within three months plus 3 hours a week of practicing the piano even if they had no experience in doing so. It could even also increase their self-esteem.

Physical benefits are also exhibited among them. One of the most interesting points is how music can keep your ears young because listening and playing it is an auditory activity. It is never too late to prevent these problems if given a chance. Also, playing music keeps an elderly calm as it lowers the heart and respiratory rates and the blood pressure is also well regulated. For those who have Parkinson’s disease, listening and paying attention to rhythms that are steady will also help in keeping their movements steady. At a closer look, it also causes our body to produce more HGH or human growth hormone.

There’s even more to that because seniors who take piano lessons can also get a benefit concerning social and emotional aspect. In music, your moods are being enhanced, and positive emotions are increased. Playing the piano will also allow them to express themselves and whatever they feel. It relieves the tension that has piled up inside them, and they get to show it in a very artistic and beautiful way. Overall, it helps them see life in a wonderful perspective.

In social terms, on the other hand, it is prevalent in elderlies to feel a bit isolated and detached. Taking up the lessons, however, encourages them to interact with others and even to those who are of the same age as them; trying to learn how to play the piano. It is quite fun to meet someone who shares the same hobby, and they don’t have to worry about who’s the best because doing it together just adds up the fun. One of the most concrete examples is how playing the drum helps Alzheimer’s patients to have a better connection with their loved ones.

There are lots of reasons why our seniors should start taking piano lessons. We may not be able to name each detail by detail, but we can assure you that it significantly helps. After all, the most important thing is for them to live out the best of their times and to make it the happiest! So, let them tickle those ivory keys, and we’d all enjoy the music.

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