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Our Engineers

Jeremy Wilson is widely known for his song-writing and as the singer-guitarist for rock bands Dharma Bums and Pilot.

Now producing music in his Portland, Oregon studio, MastanMusic, Jeremy continues to be an innovative and creative force on new music, helping to shape and bring recognition to the burgeoning Portland music community.

The ability to approach projects from both an artist’s and a producer’s perspective allows Jeremy to provide a studio experience that is productive, rewarding and creatively charged. Jeremy is both sensitive to and proactive in helping musicians use their studio time to develop and realize their artistic vision.

A publishing deal with Sony, and numerous albums for labels like Frontier, BMG, Elektra, Mercury and T/K Records under his belt, Jeremy also brings a wealth of industry experience to help in promoting independent music.

Sam Densmore has been making music for 23 of his 33 years. He is a working artist who prides himself on working with other artists to produce and record musical works that represent the core elements of their vision while making room for artistic growth and the spark of creative collaboration. Whether his influence is felt in EQ, musical arrangements or otherwise setting the stage for a great performance, Sam brings musical focus to everything he records..

His real world experience as a studio and label owner (Blue Eyed Crow) augment his contributions to the recordings he works on. As a songwriter, guitarist and front-man, Sam understand what it’s like on “the other side of the mic” and has toured and recorded with the bands Silverhawk, The Jeremy Wilson Band, Frequency db and Slow Children; recording or producing other artists such as Ted Connelly, Bobby Lindstrom, Ron Stanley, High Violets, Reggie Houston/Charmaine Neville, and Delano along the way. He’s worked with record labels and with production companies such as Pop Sweatshop Records, Resistor Records, Blue Eyed Crow Music, Achernar Productions, MastanMusic and many others.

His background with studio mentor and production team-mate Jeremy Wilson as well as other experiences working with producers such as Calvin Hayes, Bill Barnett, Steve Wold, and Terry Setter helps to make his work diverse and informed.

Sam’s professional/artistic life brings his academic strengths to the forefront. Sam is multi-instrumental and holds a BA in Music Composition and Tech from the Evergreen State College. He’s also studied music at Cornish College of the Arts, The Art Institute of Seattle, and Southwestern Oregon C.C. He’s taught music at South Puget Sound Community College, Evergreen State College, and The Oregon Coast School of Music. He currently teaches a select group of students in Portland at Forte music School and is the Director of the Metropolitan Learning Center’s “Let’s Rock” summer music programs.

On top of all that, Sam works with Jeremy each week to create the MastanMusic Hour Podcast and also administers PsychAm Radio.

In addition to being a Producer and Recording Engineer Sam performs and record with Silverhawk and The Jeremy Wilson Band